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Hello, 26!

Note: I was going to write some long story on what turning 26 feels like and how I am a wiser person than I was last year. But I'm going to spare you from that and just tell you how my day went 😂

For a lot of people, a birthday is 'just another day'. But to me, it marks another year of your existence, another year of you powering through life, another year or coming out of each setback as a champ.

This year was my first pandemic birthday. Last year, there were zero cases on some days in July and things were great, so my friends got to throw me a surprise party on my birthday weekend. I spent my birthday working on an article at the office.

My current company has a Birthday Leave Policy, so I had the day off this year. I spent the first half doing nothing—something I really miss. The rest of it was eventful. I had so many cakes, food, bouquets and plants all arriving one after the other. Then, my friends surprised me with a cute virtual celebrate. It was SO nice seeing everyone in one place!

I was exhausted by the end of the day but my heart is so full (and so is my fridge. Thanks, guys 😂). Also went to bed realizing that I'll be entering my late 20s next year. I still feel like I just joined pre-u sometimes. But here I am; a grown, working adult.

So yeah, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made this virtual pandemic birthday a great one. I know I've been saying this forever now, but hopefully things will be better next year for all of us. Like, actually better.

P.S. The cupcakes in the cover image are from @cake_it_all_the_way (on IG). 10/10 for me!


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