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A Gift On My 20th Birthday

July is always a month that takes me on an emotional rollercoaster. (If you read yesterday's post, you'll know why).

July is also the month in which I was born. July is my sister's birth month as well. July is when I started my present job.

July 2015 is when I got one of the best gifts, ever. Two days before I turned 20.

I had been taking Spanish classes that year and in July, I went looking for an online friend to speak to in Spanish.

"Hi! Can we be friends?" said one message days after I set up my account. I wasn't sure whether to reply at first. But then I started typing pretty quickly.

"Hi! Sure! Where are you from?"

The conversation continued for days. He didn't speak Spanish, but I liked talking to this person. I thought he was clever. He was fun and easygoing. We had interesting discussions on the most random things. He was pleasant and not overbearing. And I was amazed at how comfortable I felt talking to him. It felt like I was reconnecting with a long-lost friend.

I decided to leave the platform a few weeks later—without a Spanish penfriend. But I wanted to stay in touch with this person. So, I did something I wouldn't have done before. "Please add me on Facebook and we'll talk there", I wrote. Then I deleted that app.

I thought he wouldn't bother looking for me. But I checked my Messenger a few days later and found that he had written to me the day I left him that note. Yay!

So, we talked. And we talked. And we talked. And then one day we realized how much we enjoyed each other's company and how happy we were when we shared things with each other. But we were from different countries. We'd never met before.

I woke up to a text one day that read: "I'm coming to see you". I didn't believe it at first. But fast forward to a few months later, we had our first date in person in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. That kicked off a series of multiple trips we made to see each other every year.

And just like that, I've been in an LDR with this wonderful soul for almost 6 years. Our plans to tie the knot have been thwarted by this pandemic 3 times now, but I'll wait for this boy for as long I have to. And I know he'll wait for me, too.

Bubba, I'm trying not to be too mushy here because it's a public platform, but thank you for walking into my life on this day 6 years ago. Thanks for sending me that message. Still can't believe I found someone like you. You make me a very, very happy girl.

But please stop shaving your beard. Thanks. Love you.


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